AMC is Our New Roofer

Our roof was 35+ years old and it leaked. We’d repair one leak and another would start. The roof was a Spanish style, cement tile, built new before the advent of underlayment and a waterproof barrier. We made a short list of roofers, got bids and chose AMC, who replaced the roof last year. We have smiles on our faces with no leaks this incredibly rainy 2020 summer.

AMC’s bid was competitive and we thought fairly priced. It was well detailed in time and materials and structured so we had flexibility in selecting new tiles. AMC is big enough to have all the resources needed to do the demolition and new construction, and family owned so that you’re working directly with the family, Andy Staggs and his son, before bidding starts and until the new roof installation is completed. They were readily available to answer any questions throughout the process. They were regularly at the job site and hands-on when this was occasionally needed. This supplemented the full-time supervisor with the crew who were hard-working and congenial. They were mindful of our landscaping and their job site housekeeping was good, most important during demolition of the old roof. AMC meets its commitments, price included.

This year we asked Andy to help with our leaky, flat panel patio roof. Before AMC, any repairs didn’t stay leak-tight for long. Andy agreed to take this job. The challenge was figuring out where the water was entering the patio roof structure. Andy never quit, even when the summer heat on that roof was 120 F. This was one of those occasions that needed his personal experience. We now have an extra thousand square feet of always dry living space overlooking our garden. AMC and Andy are true miracle workers.