AMC Roofing professional roofing contractors experience in installing concrete and clay tile roofs is unparalleled. Tile is a roof system that should last a lifetime if installed correctly along with the proper components. Some contractors are still using the old asphalt #43 underlayment which was just fine for its’s time but with the much improved self-adhering high temperature resistant rubber underlayments available, it’s the way to go. Your underlayment will ultimately determine the life of your new tile roof. Most roof tile alone is not completely waterproof, and it’s what’s underneath that will or won’t last as long as the concrete or clay tile and AMC installs nothing less than the best on all of our projects. Call AMC today for a free quote on replacing or repairing your tile roof and you won’t be dissappointed.

Tile roofs are roofs that are made up of individual tiles, typically made from materials such as clay, concrete, or slate. These tiles are laid in overlapping rows to form a protective and aesthetically pleasing roof covering. Tile roofs are known for their durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal, and they are commonly found in Mediterranean, Spanish, and Southwestern architectural styles.

Not all roofers can install tile roofs accurately and you will need a professional tile roofing company in Orlando, FL to ensure your tile roof is don’t professionally and skillfully. When looking at tile roofing companies in Orlando it’s important to know their tile roofing experience. Orlando, Fl is and surrounding area is known for beautiful tile roofing and AMC has installed many of these roofs over the years!

AMC Roofing understand that tile roofs in Orlando area can be fragile and need to be skillfully installed. The tiles are delicate and can be easily broken or damaged. Tile roof repair is an area that we specialize in as tile roofs are often damaged during major storms. Roofers working with tiles need to have experience and training specific to tile roof installation and repair.

Due to the nature of tile roofs and the intricacies involved, both installation and tile repair projects in Orlando can take longer compared to other roofing materials but the end results is gorgeous!